I am so happy I finally get to publish this piece! I’ve been waiting for ages to find a suitable IF topic it could be used for. The drawing was inspired by A.N Scriabin’s fourth sonata op. 30 which I will be performing on Thursday 13th this month.
The poem is a programmatic poem, written by the composer himself, that tells us of a faint blue shimmering star in the distance gradually coming closer until it turns into blazing and blinding sun. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcFGXpNzLsg (for me the most amazing and original recording of this piece by Grigory Sokolov.)

“In a light mist, transparent vapour
Lost afar and yet distinct
A star gleams softly.
How beautiful! The bluish mystery
Of her glow
beckons me, cradles me.
O bring me to thee, far distant star!
Bathe me in trembling rays
Sweet light!
Sharp desire, voluptuous and crazed yet sweet
Endlessly with no other goal than longing
I would desire.
But no! I vault in joyous leap
Freely I take wing
Mad dance, godlike play!
Intoxicating shining one!
It is toward thee, adored star
My flight guides me
Toward thee, created freely for me
To serve the end
My flight of liberation!
In this play
Sheer caprice
In moments I forget thee
In the maelstrom that carries me
I veer from thy glimmering rays
In the insanity of desire
thou fadest
O distant goal
But ever thou shinest
As I forever desire thee!
Thou expandest, star!
Now thou art a Sun
Flamboyant Sun! Sun of Triumph!
Approaching thee by my desire for thee
I lave myself in thy changing waves
O joyous god
I swallow thee
Sea of light
My self-of light
I engulf Thee!”*
*Faubion Bowers, Scriabin: A Biography, i, 2nd ed. (New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1996), pp. 332–3

I scheduled for this to be published a year and a half ago, so no, I’m not crazy and I did not spend the valuable time that leads up to my dissertation working on this!


Long time no IF!!

A trip on a train always calls for a swarm of ideas and, as a tribute to The Beatles, so does Lucy.

Newspaper taxi, cellophane flowers, plasticine porters and marshmellow pie…

Dream a swarm of sky in her hair!




They’re both running late for school ’cause mum can’t find the car keys. The place is a complete mess and he’s pretending to be a cocoon.
Don’t you find that sometimes, when everything’s terribly untidy, everyday objects turn into
cocoons for the one thing you really do need to find?!




Pen and paper and it’s I.F time again!!ooh I really had to resist the urge to colour this one!


Finally reached my scanner! Here’s the new and improved version of this weeks topic.

The word ‘Linked’ has always reminded me of the stream of consciousness. As a huge fan of daydreaming where seemingly incompatible thoughts come to life, I decided draw a homage to one of my favourite thinkers.

To Lewis Carroll and What the Tortoise Said to Achilles!

and here’s the thought process that lead to this week’s sketch:

I.F is linked to me is linked to email is linked to google is linked to images are linked to statues is linked toCharles Alphonse Achille Gumery is linked to Achilles, linked to a Taught-Us, linked to the Mock-Turtle is linked to the Tortoise is linked to A Kill-Ease is linked to pencil and notebook is linked to Lewis Carroll.