eyes, nose, mouth,
eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, forehead, chin, neck…
..Our faces are a
pattern, we just haven’t realised it yet.







Special thanks to: my silver jewellery… you’ve saved me from a rut!



infinite final 001

…On how God, in his infinite wisdom, created The Russian School.


Here’s me going wild again with yet another entry on music, this time on the good old Russian Technique I’m so proud to be learning with.

Guest appearance: Stephen Hawking (I couldn’t possibly mention ‘infinite’ without him in the picture… btw yesterday was the Theory of Relativity’s 100th anniversary!;;;;)

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welcome3 001

Welcome to the pantomime of life…

brace yourself for the never-ending carnival…

or should I say:

Welcome back to school?

A very very very very very hasty and messy sketch on what is supposed to be a take on swine flu, september and life in general…
The ‘quick’ sketch sort of reflects my hectic september, living out of a suitcase, feasting on cereal and milk, zapped at 22:00…i’ve had to draw this out in more than a couple of history of music lectures!