first sketch


second sketch


To magnify a tribute…

…to a family, a teacher, a dream, an obsesion.

This weeks topic, on my first overseas recital, is a tribute to a mentor who always led the way, to such a supporting family, to an ever patient teacher and to the welcoming arms of  a great country.

This is a new take on the long lost line drawings I first started with… I find it gives a fluid and glassy effect. Fun to experiment on, I’m dying to try some more of this.
I can’t ever help going wild the second time, I always end up magnifying the impulse!

P.S: why is it that with musicians everything HAS to be about music?!


4 thoughts on “Magnify

  1. Thank you for your comment! I looked at your site and really like your style, the way you play with light and shadow, and the line switching between informative and decorative.

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